Executive Board

Welcome to the DECA PTA Executive Board page. Meet the dedicated individuals who lead our PTA and work tirelessly to create a positive impact on our students’ lives and the entire DECA community.

President – Alfred Fann

Email: president@decapta.org

As the President of DECA PTA, Alfred Fann is passionate about fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for all students. With a background in Project Management, Mr. Fann brings invaluable leadership skills to the board. They are committed to creating a supportive community and ensuring the success of every student.

Vice President – [Vice President’s Name]

Email: vicepresident@decapta.org

[VP’s Name] plays a key role in supporting the President and assisting in various PTA initiatives. Their dedication and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the success of our programs and events. They are always eager to collaborate with the community to enhance the DECA experience for all

Recording Secretary – [Secretary 1’s Name]

Email: secretary1@decapta.org

[Secretary 1’s Name] plays a crucial role in keeping the PTA organized and efficient. They manage meeting minutes, handle official correspondence, and assist in coordinating events. Their attention to detail and excellent communication skills make them an essential asset to our board.

Corresponding Secretary – Annie Windom

Email: secretary2@decapta.org

Annie Windom is a dedicated member of our team, working alongside [Secretary 1] to ensure the smooth functioning of the PTA. They are responsible for assisting in administrative tasks and supporting the PTA’s various initiatives.

Treasurer – Joezetta Honeycutt 


Email: treasurer@decapta.org

As the Treasurer, [Treasurer’s Name] oversees the financial aspects of DECA PTA. Their expertise in budget management ensures that resources are utilized effectively to support our students and initiatives. They maintain transparency in financial matters and play a vital role in securing sponsorships and fundraising efforts.

Volunteer Coordinator – [Coordinator’s Name]

Email: volunteercoordinator@decapta.org

[Coordinator’s Name] is responsible for coordinating volunteers for various PTA events and activities. They ensure that we have the support needed to make every event a success. Their passion for engaging the community and creating meaningful experiences for our students shines through their work

Parliamentarian – [Parliamentarian’s Name]

Email: parliamentarian@decapta.org

[Parliamentarian’s Name] serves as our Parliamentarian, ensuring that our PTA operates in accordance with its bylaws and follows proper meeting procedures. Their knowledge of PTA rules and regulations helps maintain the integrity of our organization’s governance.

To contact a member regarding any of the Standing and Special Committees, please E-mail info@decapta.org.  Thank you!

We encourage you to reach out to any member of our Executive Board with your ideas, suggestions, or questions. Our commitment to serving the DECA community drives everything we do, and we welcome your involvement in making a difference.

If you are interested in joining the DECA PTA board or committees, please check our “Join the PTA” page for more information.