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DeKalb Early College Academy PTSA


March 16, 2017

Dear DECA PTSA members,

It’s time to elect a nominating committee and accept nominations for PTSA officers. The nominating committee is responsible for selecting and presenting the slate of officers at the election meeting on (fill in date, time and location of the election meeting). We need nominees for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The Nominating Committee will review nominations for elected offices, may conduct interviews and submit a Nominating Committee report to the Board of Directors and to members of the PTSA at the election meeting. The nomination form is attached to this message and will also be posted on the school and/or PTSA website. The process will follow this general schedule:

  • Deadline for submitting nomination form for officers: April 5, 2017
  • Candidate Interviews: The Nominating Committee will review all nominated individuals and will conduct interviews of all qualified nominees. For the most part, these interviews will be conducted during the Nominating Committee meetings. However, other arrangements will be made for nominees who are unavailable during these meetings. All nominees will be notified of specific time for the interview and allowed an opportunity to consider any office prior to making a decision.
  • Election Meeting: The nominating committee will give the report on April 15, 2017 at the PTSA general meeting.


Georgia PTSA Suggested Qualifications:

Knowledgeable about and adheres to the Purposes and basic policies of PTSA. Knows parliamentary procedures, Experienced in PTSA or other organizational work. Has a sense of just and fairness. Exhibits enthusiasm for PTSA. Willingness to make PTSA a priority for his/her schedule relative to the responsibilities and duties of the position.


Attached is a nomination form, and the listing of mission and qualifications for each elected position. Please distribute this information to any PTSA member interested in serving as an officer. PTSA members may nominate themselves. Forms are also available in the school office at the reception desk.

If you should have any questions on the nomination process, please feel free to contact Dr. Nikita Patterson, Nominating Committee Chair.



Nikita Patterson, Ph.D.

Nominating Committee Chair, 2017



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